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Become a Chastity Speaker

It seems that at every school we visit, a number of students approach us, asking how they can get involved in the line of work that we do. So, here's a little summary of what you can do.

First, make sure you are living a pure lifestyle, so that your actions will be able to speak for you.

Secondly, consider your talents, and what you have to offer. Are you a good speaker? Maybe you're timid in front of crowds, but you have a gift for writing. Can you design a web page, or are you a good leader? No matter what your talent, there is a place for you.

Thirdly, consider where you should start. Obviously, begin at the local level. I recommend a few places:
1. Your school. You can set up a Pure Love Club on campus, and through this, you'll be able to promote chastity, raise media awareness, speak in classes, and form a good network of friends at the same time.
2. If it is a faith-based club, you can get involved in local youth groups in order to promote purity through them. You can help out on retreats, and become a leader in that community as well.
3. Local Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Call every one of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in your area. Many have abstinence programs up and running that you can get involved in. Grab a friend, and see how you can help them.
4. Call other people involved in abstinence education. For example, try calling the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, at 605-335-3643. They know more than anyone about the abstinence movement throughout the world, and may be able to point you to abstinence movements that are looking for volunteers in your area. They also know of abstinence speaker training conferences where you can learn to better promote the message. Also, contact them at and get on thier email list, so you'll stay up to date on the latest news and developments in abstinence education, STDs, legistlation, etc.

Fourthly, Study up. In our web store, we have a few good books and tapes that will give you solid answers to the questions that you will inevitably receive. For more resources to study, see and .

Lastly, if a door does open for you to give a chastity talk, click here for some pointers on how to get the message across.

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